Russian wife

Let’s presume your story goes like this. You met a gorgeous Russian woman online and after a long time of dating you have decided to get married. You both decided that she will be moving to your country and are wondering what you can do to help lessen the culture shock your Russian wife may feel. There is plenty you can do to support her and we have put together a list detailing just that.

1. Listen to Her

Have her sit down and list all the things that worry her about moving to a whole new country. Most Russian ladies are tough and ready to bear new things but it is still important to be comforting so she knows everything will be alright.

2. Be Supportive

You need to be aware of what is in front of you. There will be issues with the language barrier – it can isolate an individual when they move to a different country. Encourage her to take language lessons and learn as much as she can about the new culture. Be there to support
Russian wifeher when she voices her concerns.

3. Try to Put Yourself in Her Shoes

This one can be tricky but once you have identified what the potential problems are, then try to put yourself in her shoes to pick up on how she must be feeling. Even if you are spending a lot of time with her – if you aren’t paying full attention, it doesn’t matter. Try to remember what difficulties you experienced when you visited her country.

4. Quality Time

If you are settled in and more comfortable then spend as much quality time with her as you can. Keep in mind that there is difference between quantity to quality as well. Focus on the things you know she loves to do (even if you are not into the same thing). You don’t have to go out all the time – you can also do little meaningful things like calling her from work. Just make cheering her up a priority.


This concludes our tips for this article. If you follow these tips then you can make your wife’s life a lot easier when she moves to your country. Come back soon for part 2 on what can you do to help your Russian wife get past culture shock.